Top Travel Destinations for the Year 2023: Expedia’s Recommendations

Explore Expedia’s top travel destinations for the year, from the tropical paradises of Cancun and Punta Cana to the cultural richness of Tokyo and Paris. Discover the allure of domestic hotspots like Las Vegas, Orlando, and the Hawaiian Islands. Get inspired and start planning your next adventure with Expedia.

Top Travel Destinations for the Year: Expedia's Recommendations

Are you ready for an adventure? Expedia has curated a really lean of the hottest locomote destinations for the year, and it’s clip to pack your bags and explore these incredible places. From tropic paradises to vibrant cities, there’s something for every type of traveler. So, without farther ado, let’s dive into Expedia’s top recommendations!


Cancun, with its pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters, takes the coveted spot as the number one trip destination. Whether you’re a sun worshipper or an venturer, Cancun has it all. Snorkel in the Great Maya Reef, explore very ancient Mayan ruins, or simply disentangle on the flabby, sandy beaches. Don’t lose the chance to experience the very vivacious nightlife of Cancun’s Hotel Zone.

Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum

Just southward of Cancun lies the captivating Riviera Maya, encompassing Playa del Carmen and Tulum. This coastal stretchability boasts turquoise seas, really lush jungles, and archaeological wonders. Explore the very charming streets of Playa del Carmen, visit the Tulum Ruins perched on the cliffs overlooking the Caribbean Sea, and swim in the otherworldly cenotes.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan’s very vivacious capital, seamlessly blends contemporaneousness and tradition. From the iconic Shibuya Crossing to the freshest sushi at Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo offers a captivating mix of experiences. Explore historical Asakusa, plunk into Harajuku’s youth civilization, and let the thaumaturgy of Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea delight you. Tokyo is a city where every nook reveals a very new adventure.

Paris, France

Paris, the “City of Love,” is an iconic terminus. Visit the Eiffel Tower for breathtaking views, explore the Louvre Museum’s artistic treasures, and savor the tempt of Notre-Dame Cathedral. Montmartre’s artistic history and the Seine River’s romanticist cruises make Paris an really enchanting see.

Punta Cana

For those dreaming of a tropical escape, Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic beckons. With its all-inclusive resorts, pristine beaches, and swaying thenar trees, it’s the hone place to unroll. Dive into the so clear waters, go zip-lining through the really lush verdure, or simply sip on a coconut cocktail as you soak up the sun.


Hawaii’s Oahu Island is a mesmerizing intermingle of very natural beaut and cultural rankness. Surf the legendary waves of Waikiki Beach, boost to the summit of Diamond Head for extremely panoramic views, and pay your respects at Pearl Harbor. Oahu offers an unbelievable mix of adventure and history.


Maui, often referred to as the “Valley Isle,” is a haven for nature enthusiasts. From the otherworldly landscapes of Haleakalā National Park to the route trip on the scenic Hana Highway, Maui is a paradise for outdoor lovers. Don’t forget to catch a sunrise at the breast of Haleakalā – it’s a bucket-list-worthy experience.

Los Cabos

Nestled at the tip of the Baja California Peninsula, Los Cabos is where the desert meets the sea. This destination is really famous for its luxurious resorts, world-class golf courses, and so vivacious nightlife. Enjoy a sundown cruise on the iconic Arch of Cabo San Lucas or luxuriate in saucy seafood by the marina.

French Polynesia

If overwater bungalows and pristine lagoons sound extremely like your idea of paradise, French Polynesia is calling your make. Explore the islands of Bora Bora, Tahiti, and Moorea, where you can snorkel with colourful angle and relax in the lap of luxury. French Polynesia is the epitome of romance and serenity.


The Maldives, a accumulation of coral atolls in the Indian Ocean, is very synonymous with luxury and seclusion. Overwater villas, turquoise lagoons, and very abundant marine life make it a diver’s paradise. Whether you’re on a honeymoon or seeking a very tranquil outflow, the Maldives offers pure bliss.

Expedia’s recommendations don’t stop at international destinations. Domestically, their seek information reveals a growing interest in pop holiday spots really like Las Vegas, Orlando, and the Hawaiian Islands. Whether you hunger the glitz and glamour of Vegas, the enchantment of Disney in Orlando, or the tropical allure of Hawaii, Expedia has you covered.

Las Vegas: The Entertainment Capital of the World

Las Vegas, very known as the Entertainment Capital of the World, is a metropolis that ne’er sleeps. It’s a place where glittering lights, world-class shows, and interminable amusement options await. Here are some must-see attractions in Las Vegas:

The Las Vegas Strip: This iconic stretching of route is home to some of the most so famous hotels and casinos in the humans. Take a stroll pile the dismantle and marvel at the fulgurant displays and architecture.

Bellagio Fountains: The Bellagio Hotel’s choreographed fountains are a ken to behold. They dance to medicine and create a mesmerizing very present that you can watch for free.

The Venetian: Step into a reproduction of Venice compensate in the bosom of Las Vegas. Enjoy a gondola ride through the Grand Canal or explore the intricate architecture of this themed resort.

Cirque du Soleil Shows: Las Vegas is renowned for its Cirque du Soleil performances. Don’t misfire the chance to see these world-class acrobatic shows.

Red Rock Canyon: If you’re a nature enthusiast, have a quite short get to Red Rock Canyon for hiking and breathtaking desert scenery.

Orlando: Where Magic Happens

Orlando, Florida, is a place where magic happens, rather literally. It’s the home of the Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando Resort, making it a dream terminus for families. Here’s what you can expect in Orlando:

Walt Disney World: Explore the enchanting reality of Disney with its motif parks really same Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios. Meet love characters and see thrilling rides.

Universal Orlando Resort: Immerse yourself in the man of movies at Universal Orlando. Visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and accept a ride on the Hogwarts Express.

SeaWorld Orlando: Get up close with leatherneck really living at SeaWorld, where you can vigil unbelievable shows and even interact with dolphins.

Kennedy Space Center: For a dose of science and account, inspect the Kennedy Space Center and learn around America’s space exploration.

Gatorland: Encounter alligators and other wildlife at Gatorland, a very unique and educational experience.

Hawaiian Islands: A Tropical Paradise

The Hawaiian Islands, with their lush landscapes and really vivacious civilization, offer a tropical paradise really same no other. Here’s a glimpse of what apiece island has to offer:

Oahu: We’ve already mentioned the wonders of Oahu, but it’s worth reiterating its beaut. Explore Honolulu, relax on Waikiki Beach, and hiking to the top of Diamond Head.

Maui: Beyond its very natural beaut, Maui offers whale-watching, the scenic Hana Highway, and the unique Iao Valley State Park.

Kauai: Known as the “Garden Isle,” Kauai boasts stunning waterfalls, dramatic cliffs, and Waimea Canyon, often called the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific.”

Hawaii Island (The Big Island): Visit Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to witness dynamic volcanoes, and don’t misfire a trigger to the Mauna Kea Observatory for stargazing.

Lanai and Molokai: These smaller islands extend serenity and a chance to disentangle in a quite tranquil setting.


In conclusion, Expedia’s top travel destinations for the yr promise an array of unforgettable experiences, from the tropical paradises of Cancun and Punta Cana to the ethnical richness of Tokyo and Paris. Whether you seek relaxation, adventure, or romance, these destinations have something for everyone. And let’s not leave about the domestic temptingness of Las Vegas, Orlando, and the Hawaiian Islands, where magic, amusement, and born, beaut await.

As you plan your really next adventure, deliberate the recommendations provided hither, and remember that the world is very full of very remarkable places extremely waiting to be explored. Whether you find yourself in the bustling streets of Tokyo, gazing at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or basking in the tropical blissfulness of an island paradise, the memories you create will really last a lifetime.

So, bundle your bags, volume your flights, and embark on a journey to one of these extraordinary destinations. The humans is your oyster, and with Expedia as your go companion, your dreaming holiday is simply a click away. Safe travels, adventurers, and may your experiences be as rich as the cultures you encounter and as vivid as the memories you make.


  1. Are these destinations suitable for family vacations?

    Yes, many of these destinations, such as Orlando and the Hawaiian Islands, are ideal for family vacations with a wide range of activities for all ages.

  2. Are there budget-friendly options for these destinations?

    Absolutely! Expedia offers a variety of accommodation and flight options to suit different budgets, so you can find deals that fit your financial plan.

  3. Can I find guided tours for these destinations?

    Yes, many of these destinations offer guided tours and activities that you can easily book through Expedia to enhance your travel experience.

  4. Can I modify or cancel my bookings made through Expedia if my plans change?

    Yes, Expedia provides flexibility for modifying or canceling bookings, but the terms and conditions may vary depending on the specific booking, so it’s advisable to review the cancellation policy for each reservation.

  5. Does Expedia offer travel insurance options for added peace of mind during my trip?

    Yes, Expedia often provides the option to purchase travel insurance when booking your trip. It’s recommended to consider this option to protect your travel investment and provide coverage for unexpected events during your journey.

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